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Solomons Yachting Center

Solomons Island's Finest Full Service Marina - Transients are Welcome!

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Credit Card Agreement I hereby authorize Solomons Yachting Center, until cancelled by me in writing, to charge my VISA Card Acct or my MasterCard Acct, for all amounts payable to Solomons Yachting Center including, but not limited to, my slip and winter storage fees, dock damage, electricity usage, gasoline purchases, and boat repairs. Boat owner may not remove boat from marina until all debts to marina are paid. Marina may take any action it deems reasonable to prevent removal of boat until all debts are paid, including hauling out. Boat owner shall pay the cost of said hauling, launching and the resulting $75 per day land storage fee. A monthly 8% service charge will be added to balances thirty (30) days past due. If litigation is necessary to collect any amount due under this contract, all costs of collection, including, but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, interest and court costs shall be paid by the boat owner.
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Electric shall be metered and billed monthly at set rates and could change due to rate increases by supplier. Yard electric will be a set usage rate of $5.00 per day. A $ 75.00 Live aboard fee will apply monthly to all liveaboards. Liveaboard is designated by Marina Mgt. GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS

1. LENGTH OVERALL (LOA) is defined as the maximum overall boat length and includes any bow or stern pulpits, and swim platforms.. The marina reserves the right to measure OVERALL LENGTH any time and to adjust slip charge accordingly.

2. Each boat owner may keep a dinghy at the marina either on his boat or in the water at his slip or at an assigned location, but such dinghy SHALL NOT BE KEPT ON THE DOCKS. A dinghy is a boat less than 12’ in length, powered by a motor of less than 10 H.P. and capable of being stored on owner’s boat.

3. No fueling of boats is permitted anywhere except the fuel dock as required by State Fire Marshall . Toxic , hazardous or flammable chemicals are prohibited from use in slip or docks.

4. The use of torches or open flame i.e. Grills flame lamps or tools with flame of any type are prohibited on docks or vessels.

5. All boats shall pay for metered electric usage. Prior to departure, boat owner shall pay balance due for electric use. ONLY UL APPROVED MARINE ELECTRIC CORDS SHALL BE CONNECTED TO SHOREPOWER.

6. Marina can not guarantee continuous and or damages caused by electric, Water, cable TV or internet service.

7. This contract does not entitle boat owner to use a specific slip or yard space neither of which can be sold, leased, assigned or transferred to any other person or entity. Only a boat owned and operated by boat owner may be placed in a slip or yard space assigned to him by the marina. Leasor may not assign, lease or lend slip or yard space at any time.

8. Boat owner agrees to notify marina whenever boat will be away from slip for overnight or longer. Marina shall have the right to place any other boat at such slip for the entire period of time the boat is expected to be away for marina’s sole use and account without allowance of any kind to the boat owner.

9. Boat owner agrees to remove boat at end of term from yard or assigned slip leaving all facilities and utilities in good order and condition, reasonable wear and tear only excepted.

10. Any boat owner holding over after termination of this contract, or completion of service, shall pay marina $75 per day for any boat left on land or $150 per day for any boat left in a slip unless marina management has approved a temporary extension.

11. Prior to working on any boat in the marina for compensation, all outside contractors shall obtain property damage and personal injury liability insurance coverage in the amount of one million dollars which coverage shall name marina as an additional insured. Such person shall present a certificate of insurance to the marina manager prior to commencement of work and shall sign in at the marina office each day upon entering and leaving the marina.

12. Boat owner shall assume responsibility for any pets that may cause damage or harm to property or persons and that animal will remain under control with leashes and under reasonable control at all times. Slip holder will be held responspobsible for any waste not disposed of and will be charged a $50.00 fee for clean up.

13. No minor child shall be onboard the boat overnight without adult supervision onboard the boat. No Children Liveaboards on vessels.

14. Upon any violation of the terms and conditions of this contract or any local, state, or federal criminal law, this contract shall, at marina’s option, terminate immediately and marina may remove the boat from its slip, re-license the same, and retain and apply any balance or prepaid slip fee.

15. Tenant agrees that he/she will keep the boat fully insured with complete marine insurance, including hull coverage and indemnity and/or liability insurance.

16. The vessel owner assumes full responsibility for seeing that the vessel is properly moored with suitable lines properly tied and secured at all times so the vessel will be secure in all wind and weather conditions Should circumstances require any action to attempt to prevent damage to vessel or marina property it remains the sole responsibility of the vessel owner, The marina is not obligated in any way to perform any services to said vessel and is not liable for services. The marinas may however at any time take such steps and perform services at its sole discretion it shall choose. Marina will not be held liable for loss or damages to said vessel before during or after services performed or any failure to perform any service. Owner shall pay for any said services and goods and materials used to perform service.

17. In the event the vessel shall for any reason sink while in slip offshore moorings, at dockside, or while otherwise occupying waters used by customer of Marina, the Marina may take immediate steps to raise and repair or remove the vessel. All cost of which will be at boat owners expense.

18. Boat owner shall be solely responsible for any damages caused to marina, personal or other vessels during mooring or any other activity in marina.

19. Boat owner shall reimburse marina within thirty (30) days for any damage or defacement which he, his boat, or his guest(s) may cause to marina.

20. Prior to working on boat on land, or in slip the boat owner must sign a form recognizing environmental rules, regulations, and statutes and agree to comply with them.

21. The marina reserves the right to Lease / Rent property i.e. pool, bar, grounds, slips for events private parties or otherwise as it sees fit.

22. It is agreed that the contract amount payable by boat owner would necessarily be greater if the marina were required to assume more risks and liabilities than are set forth herein. By accepting this contract as written, boat owner warrants that he has done so to enable marina to make the contract charges stated above, rather than higher charges and fees. It is agreed that they are both fair and reasonable under the circumstances and that no inequities will result if they are enforced in favor of the marina. (A.) The marina is to be used at the sole risk of owner of boat and marina shall not be liable or responsible for the care or protection of the boat, including gear, equipment and contents, or for any loss or damage of whatever kind or nature to said boat, however occasioned. Boat owner understands that this contract is a license to use a specifically assigned portion of marina for unattended storage of a boat either on land or in a slip. There is no guarantee or warranty of any kind as to the condition of the piers, ramps, docks, roads, parking lots electrical supply or grounds Nor shall marina be responsible for injuries to persons or property occurring thereon or for any reason whether specifically stated or not. (B) Boat owner warrants and represents that his boat is in a seaworthy condition and that he shall maintain his boat in such condition at all times during which his boat is at marina. Boat owner shall have sole responsibility for keeping his boat afloat. In the event of any emergency during boat owner’s absence, i.e. breakdown of bilge pump, leak, bad lines, etc. marina is authorized to make necessary repairs for which the boat owner shall be charged. Marina assumes no responsibility for a boat taking on water or sinking. (C) Boat owner agrees marina shall not be liable to boat owner or boat for any losses incurred by reason of fire, storm, wind, water, or ice or by reason of any criminal act, including, but not limited to, any intrusion, theft, vandalism, arson or other criminal acts of any kind or degree whether by land or by water. (D). All deposits, and slip fees except under special circumstances and approved by Marina management are non-refundable. I have read the terms and conditions of the above contract and they are understood and acceptable to me.

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    LON -76 27' 22"
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